Janette Gee

Our Committee / Janette Gee

Acting Treasurer

Janette is a passionate advocate of a strong, viable public education system with proactive leaders who support each other with professional knowledge and collegiality. She values the support she has enjoyed through WASSEA, reciprocating by serving on the committee (2010-13) and representing WASSEA through ASPA, AITSL, SCSA and ACARA. As president, she works with her colleagues to give WASSEA a voice in shaping our education system’s future and to support administrators and aspirants in this complex environment of change. Janette’s teaching background has been varied, with her initial specialities being English and maths. In 2010 she was appointed principal of Yule Brook College – a school that operates with a Big Picture ethos. She also has a strong background working in education support, inclusion, low SEI communities and Aboriginal education. Janette is committed to secondary schooling that recognises that every young person deserves a quality education and optimistic long term outcomes.

In 2013 Janette was awarded the Department of Education Woman of Achievement Award. In 2014 she was awarded a National Excellence in Teaching Award and was named Fellow of Australian Council for Educational Leaders (WA) (Honorary).