Karena Shearing

Our Committee / Karena Shearing

Co-Opted Member


Associate Principal
Churchlands Senior High School

Karena has a wide range of experience, initially as a Japanese Language Teacher who taught both at a Primary and Secondary Level. She has worked in a range of diverse country areas and in various metropolitan high schools and in a variety of socio-economics contexts.

Karena’s educational interests include whole school improvement; empowering others; recognising potential aspirants; building and maintaining professional learning teams that led positive change and have whole-school influence. She has been involved in the IDEAS Project as a Cluster Coordinator and has participated in study tours to Queensland and Victoria.

Passionate about success for all students, staff wellbeing and joint ownership in school decision making, Karena says she gets a lot out of working with others. She feels that it is important to associate with teams outside of the school context, sharing with and gaining knowledge from others. She enjoys being able to inspire others, recognising leadership potential in our teachers and supporting them on their journey. Her contribution to the profession was recognised through her WASSEA Aspirant Leadership Award in 2014

Karena believes in being part of the committee, as WASSEA actively promotes and engages its school leaders in relevant and timely professional learning opportunities and provides an environment to create networks and feel supported in roles with large responsibilities and complexity.