Ron Bamford

Our Committee / Ron Bamford

Committee Member

Canning Vale College

Ron started his career with 13 years in the bush, starting out as a Science teacher & HOLA in Pt Hedland and ending up as a Principal at Leonora DHS. He still recommends to trainee teachers to go country as it is a great place to learn how to be a teacher within a close-knit community. The added advantage is progression can be somewhat quicker. After a six-year stint in Central Office managing Local Area Planning, he had a short hiatus in the private sector being a management consultant in an IT company. Ron’s passion for education took him back to schools, with a principalship at Balcatta SHS and the opportunity to build and develop Canning Vale College.

A secondary principal for 25 years, Ron has been strongly committed to not just whinging about things that come our way but doing something about it. In 2005 he became President of the Senior Schooling Association to help teachers to share ways of implementing the changing landscape of senior secondary education. He was part of a meeting in 1991 with Association Heads and our counterparts from Victoria to discuss the formation of an organisation to advocate and support principals industrially. Until recently Ron was Federal President of the Australian Principals’ Federation and an executive member of the PFWA.

Apart from industrial advocacy, he is committed to providing a voice for our profession. He says it has been a great experience to work alongside many esteemed colleagues on the WASSEA committee over the years to consider and advocate on a range of professional issues. Last year he took part in the trial of the Principal Certification process and saw how this could raise our profile within the community at large.  Now retired from principalship, Ron is actively working for the Australian Council of Education Research reviewing schools across Australia providing research based strategies to for school improvement.