Susan Kerr

Our Committee / Susan Kerr

Committee Member

Newton Moore Senior High School

Susan has been the Principal at Newton Moore SHS for the last 19 years. She is very passionate about the school and strongly acknowledges the importance of having strong partnerships with the whole school community.

Susan commenced her teaching in 1980 and has taught in a number of Regional and Metropolitan schools in a variety of teaching and promotional positions.  Susan is a former teacher of Economics and History and is married to her husband Billy and is a parent of two grown up children and a beautiful grandchild.

Susan over the years has held a number of advisory and development roles in the Department of Education and district office.  Susan is very passionate about equity in education and ensuring opportunities for all.  Areas of strong interest for Susan is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education, Aboriginal Education, the promotion of public education and staff development and well-being.

Susan is very passionate about contemporary learning and having students using science and technology to develop global connections, collaborate and create.  Susan has over the years been on many boards, councils and other educational groups to help lead strategic planning.

Susan sees her role on the WASSEA (West Australian Secondary School Executives Association) as being a member who actively consults and collaborates with other members to ensure decisions made are in the best interest of those who work in schools.  She is very excited about being a representative on the WASSEA Committee after 20 years of membership as she wishes to help support positive change in education.