Membership Information

A strong informed voice

WASSEA is a peak advisory body that provides informed, researched and persistent input into educational policy at the highest levels of both Department of Education and Government.


Member interests and concerns – especially in times of stress or crisis – are represented fairly and with determination by an experienced management group.

Legal support

Ordinary and Active Life membership provides protection against unexpected costs associated with actions that may be directed against you in the course of your job. For more information and to assess your eligibility for legal support contact the WASSEA president.

Professional development

Annual conferences, professional development programs, and close links with other professional associations provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Building collegial links

Membership opens up opportunities to network and share ideas. Regional/collegiate meetings, study groups, country visits, and teleconferences support members across the state. Ordinary members may also apply for the annual Hyogo administrators’ exchange, the biennial travel allowance to the ICP conference, and other national and internal education events. WASSEA members are automatically part of the wider networks of the Australian Secondary Principals’ Association and the International Confederation of Principals.

Australian Secondary Principals’ Association (ASPA) membership

WASSEA’sĀ associate membership of the national association provides access to national and international conferences, input into federal policy, and membership of a body of national and international professional school leaders.

Member benefits

The Ordinary membership category covers you for injuries received in your journeys to and from work and travel insurance for delegates on WASSEA business. In addition, our business partners provide a wide range of special services and discounted rates. These increase each year and are managed to provide the best available service to all financial members. Members also enjoy ShopRite membership benefits.

Support for our students

WASSEA brings a well-informed view to educational debate that allows it to advocate effectively for sustainable gains in both curriculum and support of students at all levels. We support student achievement through the Sangora Education Foundation Post-Secondary Education Awards and the Young Originals art exhibition.

Information to members

WASSEA acts as a conduit to channel succinct and useful information about local, national, and international trends in education. Local issues are regularly highlighted through our online newsletter, the WASSEA website, and through email communications.


The association celebrates achievement, and awards for outstanding and long service of its members. We have established scholarship funds for Ordinary members and aspiring teachers (click here to download a copy of the nomination form). It helps promote the profession through support for teachersĀ at all stages of their career.

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