Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association

The Western Australian Secondary School Executives Association is the professional association representing the interests of Principals and Deputy Principals (or their equivalents) in government secondary schools.

The Association is formally recognised locally by Government, the Department of Education, the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, WACSSO, the non-government school sector, the media and by many community organisations as the body which speaks for secondary principals and deputy principals.

First Nations Voice

The United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples provides for the direct input of indigenous peoples in decision-making; promoting their full and effective participation in all matters that concern them.

The Uluru Statement from the Heart calls for the establishment of a First Nations Voice enshrined in the Constitution.

In recognition of both the United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples and the Uluru Statement from the Heart; the WASSEA Board of Management strongly supports that a First Nations Voice be enshrined in the Australian Constitution.


Membership of WASSEA is open to secondary Principals and Deputy, Associate or Vice Principals of Western Australian public secondary schools. Membership categories include:

Ordinary Membership is available to public secondary school Principals and Deputy Principals of senior high schools (including senior colleges, senior campuses, secondary community schools or colleges, district high schools, the School of Isolated and Distance Education, and agricultural colleges), and persons acting or relieving in these positions for more than a semester.
Aspirant Membership is open to teaching staff working in Western Australian public schools with a secondary component who are seeking to obtain the necessary skills and experience to become a principal or deputy principal.
Collegiate Membership is open to: a) Secondary school Principals and Deputy Principals (or their equivalents) in non-government schools; b) Members of other national or international secondary school Principals’ associations; c) Directors in DoE; d) Senior Executives in DoE; e) Senior positions in other educational institutions.
Associate Membership is available to persons acting or relieving for up to one semester in the relevant positions in the above mentioned public secondary schools.
Retired Membership is free and available to all retired Ordinary Members.

The association activities include:

  • A strong informed voice
  • Advocacy
  • Legal support
  • Professional development
  • Building collegial links
  • ASPA and ICP membership
  • Member benefits
  • Support for our students
  • Information to members
  • Awards

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