Hone your interview technique or ‘speed date’ for success!

When: 12th September 2017 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Where: WASSEA Office, WASSEA Office, Tuart College (Block B), 105 Banksia Street
Tuart Hill,

The WASSEA Aspirant Committee is pleased to announce the next event which has two sessions, the first on interview skills and the second is a repeat of ‘speed dating for success’.

Session 1: Interview skills – presentation and discussion facilitated by John Stone (Principal Lesmurdie SHS) and Kath Ward (Principal Kent Street SHS).

This is an interactive session which will give you some valuable strategies when preparing for interviews, making the most of your preparation time and how to make a good impression with the panel.

Session 2: Speed-dating for success! Aimed at those with a well-written CV that needs a little boost. Ideally, these applicants would have a CV ready for feedback.

The ‘speed-dating’ process is basically:

  1. Participants will rock up with their current CV (aimed at school leadership positions – Levels 4-6).
  2. WASSEA mentors will be positioned around the room and participants will move from mentor to mentor every 7-10 minutes.
  3. The job of mentors is to provide a ‘first impression’ of the application and give some pointers for improvement (not a whole pull apart of the application – just an overview)
  4. Just to be clear – there is no actual romance or dating involved!

As everyone has a slightly different approach to reading and ranking CVs the opportunity for our members to hear from a cross-section of leaders will hopefully be very useful.

Cost: Free for members, $50 for non-members. ZOOM participation for Session 1 is available free for country members or $10 for country non-members.