Thrive and Adapt

When: 19th February 2020 @ 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Where: WASSEA Office, WASSEA Office, Tuart College (Block B), 105 Banksia Street
Tuart Hill,

Join Mike House for a one day “Thrive and Adapt” Course, where you will learn:

  • How your point of view can change how much stress you experience
  • Tools to change your point of view, especially under pressure, like tight time frames, heavy workloads, important decisions or conflict with people you care about.
  • How reactive states (fight, flight, freeze) impact your intelligence, ability to solve problems and think clearly.
  • Quick and easy tools to calm your mind under pressure.
  • Tools for personal resilience.
  • Getting to sleep when you can’t clear your head.
  • Tactical mindfulness.

Mike House spent 20 years as a leading survival specialist. He now works with leaders and teams who want to “Thrive and Adapt” in uncertain times. His tools are described as tactical with ‘real world’ applicability. Mike’s insights explain human behaviour and blind spots, while giving useful ‘hacks’ to deal with pressure and shift ineffective thinking. Having observed himself and countless others in extremes of deprivation and duress, Mike is uniquely positioned to offer profound and practical insight into effective and sustainable action under pressure.

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